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Our history

BandaSEA e.V. is a registered association based in Bonn, Germany, which was founded in 2010 as Marine Conservation South East Asia e.V. In October 2016 the name was changed to BandaSEA e.V. because of the decision to work even more locally and to focus our support on the Banda Islands in the Banda Sea in east Indonesia.

BandaSEA e.V. was founded by a team of marine biologists, diving instructors and project managers with long-term local work experience. Our mission is to sustainably protect and (re)-create a healthy marine and coastal environment.

Our mission

Overall objective is to protect biodiversity and endangered species in the Banda Sea and to maintain the untouched beauty of the precious coral reef habitats.

We also educate the island population in sustainable management of resources and environment-friendly disposal of waste to reduce human-induced pressure on the coastal habitats.

Donations and membership fees are used to initiate promising projects that will be self-sustaining in the long run

Our Team

Our Partners